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  • Nonwoven, do you really know
  • Editor:Hangzhou Yao Jin non-woven fabric Co., Ltd.Date:2018-06-22 16:00 Click:
At present, non-woven wallpaper is very popular in many cities in China. We all feel that non-woven wallpaper is the most breathable and environmentally friendly. And the industry calls non-woven wallpaper "breathing wallpaper". Let's explore the secrets of non-woven fabrics you don't know today.
Plant fiber: non-woven fabric material is mainly by cotton, hemp and other natural plant fiber through non spinning, ecological environmental protection, paper love life non-woven wallpaper through strict environmental monitoring agencies.
Breathable and absorbent: water absorbency is strong, can absorb the moisture in glue, and does not shrink and shrink without encountering water.
Construction convenience: the non-woven fabric itself is soft and comfortable, so the upper wall is more suitable and not easy to raise the edge. In foreign countries, a lot of families with no spun wallpaper, a family of three can easily fix the construction, that is, "one brush and two stickers three cut", Papa wall brush, mother sticker, baby cut, a family can be easily completed, but also enjoy the fun of their own hands.
In addition, the feeling of non spinning color is fine and pure, soft and elegant, comfortable and flexible, good texture, no greater impact on the visual effect, paper love life also introduced a variety of colorful combinations of styles, to create home warmth and comfort of the preferred wallpaper for our relatives!
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