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  • Development history of non - woven fabrics
  • Editor:Hangzhou Yao Jin non-woven fabric Co., Ltd.Date:2017-02-13 16:48 Click:
  Non-woven development process has the following stages:
     Non-woven development process
The first stage: the early 40s ~ 50 years, the budding period. Most of the equipment used off-the-shelf textile equipment, or appropriate to carry out some modifications, the use of natural fibers.
     Nonwovens development process
The second stage: the late 1950s to the late 1960s, commercial production. Mainly using dry technology and wet technology, extensive use of chemical fiber.
     The development of nonwovens
The third stage: the early 70s to the late 80s, the development of an important period. Polymerization method extrusion production line was born. Use a variety of special chemical fiber. Such as low melting point fibers, heat bonding fibers, bicomponent fibers, ultrafine fibers, and the like.
     The development of nonwovens
The fourth stage: the early 90s to date, the global development period. Non-woven enterprises through mergers, joint, reorganization trend to strengthen, more advanced technology, equipment more sophisticated, significantly enhance the production capacity.