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  • The reason why the nonwoven fabric becomes soft
  • Editor:Hangzhou Yao Jin non-woven fabric Co., Ltd.Date:2017-02-13 15:52 Click:
 In fact, many non-woven fabrics can be relatively soft in touch.  What is the reason for non-woven softness? The main reason is that non-woven weaving, non-woven fabrics are commonly used Clapper Parker and Mike Rex. Which charactaeristics do they both have? Hangzhou non-woven manufacturers to introduce the following!
    1, Clarkic law:
  Kelapak method was first used in the paper industry and then transplanted in the wet non-woven fabrics. It is a simulation of the Sang Fu Lai machine shrinkage liquidation. The following figure, after processing, non-woven fabrics can be excellent and excellent flexibility, and improved feel. The method of liquidation depends on the rubber band thickness, elasticity, fiber characteristics, pressure, network structure and thermal conditions.
    2, McLeicks law:
   Mike Rex method is a non-woven pp non-woven fabric extrusion. It is very strong in the non-woven fabric profile to produce significant wrinkles, advance the delay of non-woven fabrics, an increase of the area of the surface area of ​​the product, Parker control, this preparation is better to improve the non-woven fabric of the excellent flexibility. The curl of the McLeaks method can be evaluated by the optical means of the process, the degree of growth of the unit area or the degree of elongation of the nonwoven fabric. So the law of the liquidation of the end depends largely on the geometry of the crepe area and pp non-woven input and output speed.